Second last post

Hello everybody this is my first blog post after Christmas and second to last blog EVER! Seriously though Propel is almost done and a lot of people are feeling a little stressed from the lack of time left, either working on finishing their projects, final presentations or final reflections.
The presentations and reflections replace our exams this semester so they are a bit stress inducing.
The reflection and preservation is about my time in Propel and my project, what did I learn what did I encounter and how it went. In all it was a good semester I made some great friends and learned how to forge as well as how to write reports and maintain a blog.
Not everything was all sunshine and daisies. I have broken a few pieces as I tried to forge them, I have run out of gas while working a piece and run out of oxygen when trying to work.
Any way that’s enough of my troubles for today. Last post next week then we are done this little adventure.


Pre-Christmas break update

If you have been following my blog you may have noticed that I didn’t update last week. That was because I was in Canmore, Alberta training for biathlon. That means I didn’t get much work done while I was there.
However, I was at school this week and got work done. I made a type of chisel from flattening and bending a bolt then sharpening the end with a file. I also tried to make a spoon, that didn’t work. I made tried to make the spoon to test out the ball-peen on a ball-peen hammer. That part worked well enough, it was the making the rest of the spoon that made it fail. Most of the rest of the week was spent trying to catch up on missed work such as the Phys. Ed. Inquiry projects and missed progress reports.
Happy Hanukkah and merry Christmas

Musical week

Over the last week I have been testing my two forges and trying different variants of each design to see what works the best for heating metal.
The original forge has heated a bolt red hot but is limited by its oxygen tank. The second forge is oxygen tank free but doesn’t have enough oxygen intake to get a flame that heats metal to the temperatures that I need for my project to work.
Today we went and saw NMC’s production of Beauty and the Beast. One of our classmates, Sean, was playing the Beast of Beauty and the Beast. It was a good musical production of one of my childhood movies.

American Thanksgiving

This week was fun. I worked on my forge and I am working on a Mark 2 version that uses a different torch as a heat source. It will be interesting to see what a different style and fuel source does too the amount of heat it out puts.
I have also worked on a series of questions for physical education like “When should you enroll your child in sports and when?” Or “when have politics and sports collided? ” I like answering these question because they are fun and thought provoking as well as debate able.

I’m back!

The last week was fun and filled.

On Monday we went to WE Day which was fun. arguably the best guest speaker was Henry Winkler. He was energy filled and relatable, he said he was bad at learning in school and took four years to pass geometry, and not once has someone  asked him what a hypotenuse was.

At school I have actually built my forge and tested it. the building was good, the testing not so much. I think that the the space that the torch, which  is acting as the heat source, is too big and needs to be smaller to hold in more heat and get hotter.

Blog post

  This week in propel was a bit different, since we didn’t have school on
Wednesday. We didn’t have school because it was Remembrance Day.

  On Tuesday we went to a school service for Remembrance Day that included the school band, poems and a speaker from the military.

  Other than Remembrance Day we have been working on our projects and getting permission to work in the industrial arts facilities.

My project has been slowed down by the need to access the metal working shop and the need to be safety qualified. Today I focused on becoming safety qualified with the other Propel students who are using the shops for their projects.

I also worked on my physical education question which is “why should I enroll my child in sport? ” This is an interesting question because sport has benifits but it also has draw backs like bad behavioral habits and how to cheat.

Another blog post!

This week we went to a media literacy presentation at the Canadian Museam of Human Rights. The museum was magnificent and closed. I guess the staff hate Mondays.
The conference itself was not very well done. It gave the impression that it was meant for an older audience than a group of teenagers.
This morning Mr. Day came to our room and talked about ethics in sport and what is wrong and what is acceptable corner cutting. It was an interesting talk that made me think about pro-sports and what they can show us.
My project is going well, all the parts are ordered. After I get them I will be able to start forging.